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we are Polishrs

Floor Restoration Company

We can Polish, Repair and Seal your Marble, Granite

Polishrs is proud to say that not only do we work with surfaces; we make sure that our work is to the finest of appearance and quality. We are keen to make you satisfied and guarantee that you will love our work and would want to deal with us again and again! Marble Polisher is a Bangalore based stone cleaning service provider. We specialise in offering excellent cleaning and polishing services for granite, tile, marble and mosaic.

Polishrs Over time your granite, marble, limestone, travertine or other stone surface can become scratched, etched or worn and it will require restoration, polishing and protection in order for it to look its very best. The experts at Polishrs know all the very latest techniques and products to achieve the best possible results for your stone surface. polishrs cleaning services in Bangalore for all kinds of flooring, wall, interior, exterior use. Cleaning and removing stains and rust, muck on granite, marble, travertine, terrazzo and etc